About Us

Inspiration is a micro-classroom environment for Homeschool, Kindergarten, and Remote Elementary students. We are an exploratory school environment with a family atmosphere and a personal touch.

Inspiration includes 2000 sq feet of indoor space separated into 5 different learning areas. The outdoor space includes an additional classroom great for art projects, board games, and messy experiments. In addition, the outdoor play area is a fun nature-inspired space allowing students to explore and engage with their peers. This provides plenty of room, ventilation, and resources to safely work, explore, play, and learn. Inspiration limits the number of students so that we can prioritize a degree of normalcy while maintaining a safe environment. Our micro-classroom environment also allows for individual attention not available in other settings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a loving, happy, educational, and secure environment for students. We strive to instill in each student a love of learning, a positive self-image, a sense of creativity, appreciation of nature, and the desire to make the world a better place.

Our Approach

At Inspiration, our focus is on nature and the arts, social skills, kinesthetic awareness, and academics through active and imaginative play. Our program lends itself to success, nurtures skill progression for the whole child: physical, behavioral, linguistic, social, emotional, and cognitive. We approach learning as a unique opportunity to acquire traditional skills and learn kindness driven social skills. 

Our curriculum is thoughtfully planned and structured with elements of free exploration, directionally guided activities with much spontaneity!


The creativity and imagination within your child will be expressed in the creation of masterpieces.  Imagination, exploration of various media and collaboration with peers all combine to make the art area a classroom favorite.


Free exploration of topics and activities provides both time and space for students to select areas of personal interest to further gain knowledge and skills. This may be done as an individual activity or with a small group of friends. 


Students are provided with time to browse and select books of particular interest from our collection, share reading time with other students and manage online library reservations from Jeffco Public Library.

Music and Movement

We encourage the exploration of sound rhythms and the movement of the body throughout daily music and movement times. Students work on kinetics and sound provides inspiration to learn about different styles of music and dance.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a priority and all children will have an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, weather not prohibiting. This is a necessary component of the development of gross motor skills, aerobic exercise, and instilling a love of nature in each child. Treks to Aviation park are frequent.


Stretching the body, mastering breathing exercises, developing calming skills and the continued message of prioritizing physical and mental health provides our students with a foundation that promotes wellness on a myriad of levels to last a lifetime.


Shea Gibbons Miller – Owner, Director

It takes courage to find the best environment for your child. I have over 20 years of child development and in-classroom educational experience, have 3 children of my own, all have been in public schools, and the youngest two are homeschooled. This is the fourth educational environment I have developed based on my own students needs, and each one is a true evolution to the next. Following HOW we learn to create the opportunity for learning and development. We create a better foundation for learning by devoting attention to nurturing well being, promoting self-awareness, finding compassion for others, and allowing time for personal interests. Inspiration was created to be a haven for students, to help them grow, by exploring interests and having the time, space, and resources to develop skills of personal interest. Thus building confident, excited learners who become successful in their next ventures!

  I am so proud of the philosophy, educational model, and experiences that make our school the place of inspiration that we dreamed. A  I welcome each one of you to our school. May you be inspired by your students and their daily discoveries.