About Us

Inspiration is transitioning from a preschool to a micro classroom environment for homeschool and elementary students. Our teachers are educated in early childhood development and licensed childcare providers.

We are an exploratory school with a family atmosphere and a personal touch. Our area of focus is on nature and the arts, social skills, kinesthetic awareness, and academics through active and imaginative play. Our program a developmentally appropriate program that nurtures skill progression for the whole child: physical, behavioral, linguistic, social, emotional, and cognitive.

Our curriculum and daily schedule are thoughtfully planned and structured with elements of free exploration, directionally guided activities with spontaneity included.

Shea Gibbons Miller – Owner, Director

Over 20 years of child development and in-classroom educational experience. 

“Working in the field prompted my dreaming about the type of program I would like to implement if given the opportunity. Many years later I give to you – Inspiration Preschool!  I am so proud of the philosophy, educational model, and experiences that make our school the place of inspiration that we have here.  I welcome each one of you to our school. May you be inspired by your children and their daily discoveries.”