Our Program

Our program is rooted in nature and fostered within the Reggio Emilia Approach. We have a solid commitment to providing Inspiration and Education for our students. Our curriculum is emergent and student-directed with exploration at the heart of a teacher-supported learning environment.  We strive to meet the ever-changing needs and interests of your individual student. Inspiration provides a very small student/teacher ratio allowing for more one-on-one attention. Focusing on one student at a time allows teachers to examine both their strengths and their areas of need in order to customize an individual program for each student.

What Is Reggio Emilia?

At Inspiration, Reggio Emilia means our curriculum’s projects emerge from the student’s own ideas and the collaboration with other peers and teachers. Students actively participate in a variety of challenging and interesting experiences. We respect the natural rhythms of each student and honor moments of engagement and curiosity. We encourage flexibility and adapt our plans to accommodate each student’s educational needs.


The creativity and imagination within your child will be expressed in the creation of masterpieces.  Imagination, exploration of various media and collaboration with peers all combine to make the art area a classroom favorite.


Free exploration of topics and activities provides both time and space for students to select areas of personal interest to further gain knowledge and skills. This may be done as an individual activity or with a small group of friends. 


Students are provided with time to browse and select books of particular interest from our collection, share reading time with other students and manage online library reservations from Jeffco Public Library.

Music and Movement

We encourage the exploration of sound rhythms and the movement of the body throughout daily music and movement times. Students work on kinetics and sound provides inspiration to learn about different styles of music and dance.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a priority and all children will have an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, weather not prohibiting. This is a necessary component of the development of gross motor skills, aerobic exercise, and instilling a love of nature in each child. Treks to Aviation park are frequent.


Stretching the body, mastering breathing exercises, developing calming skills and the continued message of prioritizing physical and mental health provides our students with a foundation that promotes wellness on a myriad of levels to last a lifetime.