Welcome to Inspiration

Inspiration micro-classroom enrichment program provides self-directed learning rooted in the Reggio Emilia style of exploration.

Inspiration is an environment for your child to: explore their interests, research curiosities, gain personal and social skills, work independently and in small groups, and have teacher support for remote learning, and homeschool enrichments.

In creating and maintaining the safest possible environment within our community, we are adapting and changing Inspiration to serve a lower number of older students and adding an outdoor classroom space to help reduce overall exposure by increasing distancing and ventilation, and by reducing population and time indoors. This format will allow us to enroll at a maximum capacity of 15 students.

The teachers will work to captivate the interest of the students to successfully motivate further exploration, practice, and mastery of age-appropriate skills. The ability for us to devote individual time to each student and truly listen to and learn from each other.